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LIV Athletic is for busy people who need structure & support to succeed with health & fitness and someone to guide them through the process.
if you are struggling with....
staying motivated and consistent with working out 

having the structure to make health & fitness a part of your lifestyle

not knowing where to begin or what information is right 

finding the time week by week and staying disciplined

► always finding an excuse...and feeling guilty afterwards
Our 6 Week Challenge Is The Program For You!
LIV Athletic 6 Week Challenge
LIV Athletic 
6 Week Challenge
A 6 week intensive coaching program that dives into working out, eating right, and developing healthy long term habits.
This will challenge you and require you to:
follow a structured weekly workout regiment

work out 3x/week with a coach 

follow a nutrition plan geared towards your goals

practice the 6 healthy habits  for long term success
Follow through with your plan and our support & accountability to see the incredible results. 
Past Challenge Transformations
How It Works
1. Get paired with a personal coach
2. Get a personalized plan of workouts & nutrition for 6 weeks
3. Get weekly check ins & accountability from coach
if your goals are to:

be healthy and develop habits that are realistic

lose weight and develop tone and learn muscles

live the best life you can for your kids

live a happy and happy life

get in better shape and be stronger

not lose your breath anytime you do anything remotely physically challenging

improve your health & gain energy

live a long and healthy life